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Survey Results and Happy New Year!

January 7, 2016

paint-spots-adorablestThank You to all that replied with my survey and your input. During the holidays, I’ve had some time to re-energise and also to evaluate your (encouraging) responses, Thanks 😉  The results are in and it seems that this being a DIY & Craft Blog, you really like the DIY Tutorials – YAY!

I’m happy too because I really like putting them together for you, so you will continue to see Craft How-to’s. What I do need to mention here though is that I’ve started some other projects and commitments outside of this blog also … so what does that mean?

The posting schedule in the past (uh oh, the past …) since re-launching Adorablest in September has been daily, with the occasional day off  (but then sometimes there were posts on the weekend) and mostly to a *timetable* like DIYs on Mondays, Etsy Finds on Tuesdays, etc.

I’m not sure if that’s long enough to become accustomed to or not and if you would even miss this 😉 I don’t want it to sound like you have nothing better to do than read my blog! but this will change, just letting you know.  I’m not abandoning posting altogether, but the frequency will not be to a set schedule.

I’ll be getting back to the core of why I started this blog – to make fun crafty stuff and share how I did it – but not to a routine. I hope you’ll still stop by and if you really don’t want to miss a post, you can always subscribe, as I’ve set it up to email you whenever there’s a new post. But “no worries” if you don’t want to do this and if you just want to pop over sometime, that’d be great too.

Happy. New. Year.



Survey 2016 – I need your HELP please!

January 1, 2016

survey 2016 adorablest gold glitter

2016. Wow! Happy New Year Everyone!


I hope you’re not too hung over 🙂 ’cause I’d really appreciate your help. I’ve been blogging since September 2014 and in the last few months there’s been a few changes to this blog. I’ve moved from being on to being self-hosted with a new theme and also trying new things and (more regular) posts, BUT do YOU as the readers like it?

What do you think can be improved, what do you (gulp!) not like – be honest, I need to know. This is the first survey I’ve done, so I hope I can gain some feedback to keep you interested and keep you visiting and engaging with my blog.

Thank You so much for your time and input (and then you can get back to your coffee with aspirin).

The survey will close on the 6th January 2016.

So, here we go. Just 7 quick questions …

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Oh Deer …

December 23, 2015

oh deer adorablest

Oh Deer. Yesterday I was called in to work last minute (and worked late) and I didn’t have time to do a post. As we near the holidays, it’s time that I’d like to spend some time with family too and so just letting you know, I will be taking a little rest from posting, just for the time being.

I’d like to say A Big Thank You! to all my followers who read Adorablest – it’s what makes me keep writing and thinking of creative things to share 🙂 Wow, it doesn’t seem that long ago, that I was writing my first Happy Christmas message – it seems to have gone so fast.

I’ve thought of some new ideas that hopefully I can put into practical terms and share them with readers new and old. If you’re looking for some DIY Craft Ideas during the break, check out my DIY Projects page for some ideas.

Happy Holidays Everyone!


Halloween Sale! This is no trick, treat yourself!

October 26, 2015

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*UPDATE: 10/28 – 8am EST (USA) – The Free Express Shipping Offer (for order over $150) has finished now – BUT feel free to click on the links and keep shopping 🙂

A quick post to let you know about a Fantastic Halloween Sale!

Check out some really cute wares for Halloween – from ModCloth’s Halloween Shop …

What’s more, they’ve got a special trick for getting your treats in time for the big day. For a short time, use code BOOYAH at checkout to get free Express Shipping on your order of $150 or more (USA). Whether you’re picking up statement-makers for your spooky soiree, or nabbing some scary-cool looks to flaunt, you won’t want to miss this thrilling offer!

Visit ModCloth’s Halloween Shop or Click through on any of the ModCloth Affiliate Links on the sidebar.

Offer ends Wednesday 10/28 @ 8 am EST (USA)

New Look Adorablest

September 9, 2015

cute teddy bear looking around corner
Adorablest is back! The new theme is now up and running – Thanks for your patience. Some people got a look a little earlier as some dns servers took longer to update than others, with a few hitches along the way, but Whew! made it. I had some help, well ENORMOUS help, really – Thank You 🙂

Today (Wednesday 9th September) is Teddy Bear Day.



Why Blog?

August 31, 2015

why blog pink glitterSoon it’ll be 1 year that I started this (my first) blog and I’ve been thinking Why Blog?  Read more…

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