DIY – How to Make a Christmas Tree from Driftwood + Link Love

November 6, 2015

diy driftwood christmas tree tutorial adorablestDIY – How to Make a Christmas Tree from Driftwood. I’ve seen these floating (no pun intended actually!) about on Pinterest and thought I’d give it a go. I’ve included photo step by step instructions so you can make your own too.

diy driftwood christmas tree supplies adorablest

You will need:

  • Driftwood in various lengths
  • Natural twine
  • Clear beading thread
  • Glue
  • Shells and shell pieces
  • Faux pearl beads
  • Faux Coral – Follow this DIY – Faux Coral

How to:diy driftwood christmas tree tutorial step 1Step 1 – Lay out your driftwood in a Christmas Tree shape. Take note of the spacing. (As on yesterday’s post, here is a link on How to Make Your Own Driftwood if you don’t have access to beach driftwood).

diy driftwood christmas tree tutorial step 2Step 2 – Cut your twine so that it is at least double (and a bit more) the length of the Christmas Tree structure. Cut two pieces of this length.

diy driftwood christmas tree tutorial steps adorablest

1. Tie a regular knot.

2. Slip your driftwood branch into the knot.

3. Tighten the first knot, then make another.

4. Again slip your driftwood branch into the knot.

5. Repeat.

6. I found it much easier to make the knot first, then slip in the driftwood.

7. Continue until you have completed one ‘side’ of your driftwood Christmas Tree.

8. Repeat for the other side.

9. Keep your knots all on the ‘underside’ for both sides.

10. On the bottom ‘rung’ make it a double knot.

11. After getting the driftwood in position, glue the knots.

12. The underside will be glued, but it won’t show as a wall hanging.

diy driftwood christmas tree tutorial string complete adorablestStringing complete on the driftwood Christmas Tree. If you like minimalist, you could leave it like this.

diy driftwood christmas tree shell faux coral adorablestI used my DIY – Faux Coral made with clay, shells that I’d collected and a string of faux pearls to decorate the driftwood.

diy driftwood christmas tree faux coral adorablestdiy driftwood christmas tree adorablestBy the way, apologies for the photos not being the best. I’m not sure if it’s my camera, the lighting or me – or all three, but hopefully you can get the gist of How to Make a Driftwood Christmas Tree. (*HINT HINT Santa)

Being Friday, it’s Link Love time. Thanks for joining me this week for the ‘Ocean’ theme …

An interesting post on How to Grade Sea Glass – I’ll be looking now!

Fantastic EDIBLE Sea Glass – find the candy recipe at Make Life Lovely

Brass Sea Urchins – Here are 4 slightly different ways to make them …

  1. DIY Glittery Starbursts from Style Me Pretty *UPDATE – Page N/A 🙁
  2. DIY Urchin Starburst found on Curbly (by al40yearoldintern)
  3. DIY Gold Urchin by Dream Green DIY
  4. Brass Urchin by Craft and Couture

and finally, check out this Sand Bowl from design student Leetal Rivlin.

Have a Great Weekend everyone,


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  • Reply Sue Rostron November 20, 2017 at 6:34 am

    Hi thanks for these clear instructions. I am going to make these in December with people I work with who all have experience of mental distress / illness and or addiction.
    Thanks because it made me go for a walk on the beach which I don’t do enough (I live five minutes from the beach )and thanks because I cam see this will be a successful project which people will feel great about.

    Thanks all the way from New Zealand.

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