A Day at Blythefest 2015 on the Gold Coast

October 4, 2015
blythefest 2015 gold coast

Original artwork by Jayne Kure | Digital Art by Tracey Marsden | Donated by Chris@BlytheKouklas

Yesterday, Saturday 3rd October was the Australian Blythefest for 2015, held on the Gold Coast. Above is a photo I took of an image printed on metallic pearl paper, with a calendar for 2016 on the back and was one of the many ‘goodies’ in the Blythefest 2015 goodie bag! blythefest 2015 gold coast goodie bag contentsI like seeing what others have in their showbags and snail mail kits, so I thought it might be fun to share what was in my Blythefest 2015 goodie bag. Everyone who attended (about 120ish people?) received one, but each goodie bag would have been slightly different, depending on the donations.

In mine, there was Mini Bunting by I Heart Blythes, a Pillow Pet from Ellie Moe, a beret, dress & eyeglasses all in retro style from Xanamaneca, an orange satchel from Retro Princess, a Teeny Tiny Bikini from Bearly Dressed and a tiny bottle of Coke and hamburger from Butterfly Blythe.

There were other cute surprises like the scarf from Michelle, the tiny tote bag from Daisy D and lots more, but some I don’t even know who from – but to all who donated, Thank You!

blythefest 2015 gold coast goodie bag stuffTeeny tiny postcards and Tic Tacs – so cute. The retro dress is very well made and smells nice too! The glasses clip together.

blythefest 2015 gold coast goodie bagA little bottle of Coke, a macaron, a cupcake and a hamburger. Look at the work in that crocheted bikini and I believe everyone received one in their goodie bag – imagine making that many tiny bikinis! The pen is very fine with black ink, it writes very nicely, I like it. Mini brochures for the holidaying Blythe 🙂

blythefest 2015 gold coast dress accessoriesI purchased two dresses, a red cardigan, matching red shoes and a deer (literally) little necklace for my girls.

It was a great day out! Next year it will be held in Sydney. I wonder what the theme will be? (We got to vote on it).


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  • Reply Sherryl October 9, 2015 at 10:13 pm

    Great blog post, love the photos! It was such a great day. So much hard work put in by the organisers. Can’t wait for next year!

    • Reply Adorablest October 9, 2015 at 10:50 pm

      Thank you and Thanks for the bunting – it goes very well in their little ‘room’ 🙂

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