DIY – Minimalist Modern Agate Slice Holders

January 30, 2015

diy make agate slice holders polymer clay adorablestDIY – Minimalist Modern Agate Slice Holders. I recently purchased these pretty agate slices from Six Things, a wonderful shop at Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast. (If you can’t make it there in person, check out their online shop!)

I’ve seen some agate slice holders made from perspex, but they weren’t quite what I would like, so … here’s a DIY for a modern take on agate holders to show off your slices.

You will need:

  • Polymer Clay. Transparent (white) and a tiny amount of black. Fimo and Sculpey are a couple of brands. Use whatever you have or can get for this project.
  • Hemisphere (half sphere) Silicone Mold. Small size. Available online.
  • Oven & Baking Paper. To bake the polymer clay according to instructions.
  • Mitre Box & Saw. For an accurate groove.
  • Metal File.  To neaten the groove
  • Sandpaper. Optional if you want a super smooth finish.
  • Carnauba Wax. Optional if you want to add a sheen to the finished piece.
  • Workspace. Allow a clean area to roll, saw and file your polymer clay.

How to :

natural agate slicesGather your pretty slices. Check the width of the slices as some are thicker than others. These are more neutral, natural tones, others are dyed bright.

silicone mold mould semi circle polymer clayRoll your polymer clay. I used transparent white with some softener (as it had gone crumbly) and a tiny speck, like a grain of sand of black, to make grey streaks.

Perhaps this crumbliness also had the effect of making the piece look realistically like marble. I released the piece from the mould before baking, so I could check the shape.

polymer clay sawing processAfter baking, I smoothed the base by rubbing on a fine grade sandpaper. I used a mitre box and saw to gradually and carefully saw two cuts into the hemisphere, about the width of the slice. Cut down into the hemisphere only about a quarter to start.

polymer clay sawing fileUse a clean file to grind down the rest. Use it gently!

polymer clay agate slice holderCheck the width and depth of the groove with your slice and if suitable, smooth with a fine grade of sandpaper to smooth out.

agate slices on displayVarious widths and depths may be needed to fit your slices. Gradually saw and file to finish. Coat with Carnauba wax for a light sheen.

natural agate slice in holderDisplay your agate slices…

natural agate slice in holder brownsSimple, Modern and make agate slice holder polymer clay tutorial adorablest

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