DIY – How to Paint Pots to Look like Faux Cement Concrete Planters

September 22, 2014

diy faux concrete cement planters adorablestDIY – How to Paint Pots to Look like Faux Cement Concrete Planters. Give old plastic pots a new life as a funky fake Concrete Planter! These are plastic planters I’ve recently finished painting to look like concrete/cement.


IMPORTANT UPDATE 24th February 2017 – Find the FULL Step-by-Step Tutorial on how I did this here –

DIY – How to Paint Pots to Look like Cement – FULL Step-by-Step Tutorial


The plastic pots were old, a little faded and scuffed, but as they were large and overall still in sound shape and I had some paint available, it was well worth the effort to revamp them versus buying new and quite expensive pots.

faux concrete cement planters paint effectAfter the first coat of light grey, I scrunched up newspaper (instead of using a sponge) and dabbed on darker grey. I also didn’t finish with a clear coat finish, as that was a product I did not have on hand and these planters won’t be in the weather.

(UPDATE 24th February 2017 – HA! They have well and truly been out in the weather, but doing fine!)

faux concrete cement planters perlite texture

Also finished, is this huge planter (over 1m tall). It’s made from a fibreglass ‘hull’ with a steel rim and a square planter slots in at the top only. Cost? $4 from the Tip Shop. It was in a shabby state, painted with thick paint that was peeling off almost like a lino floor. As much of this was removed, then it was spackled, sanded and primed.

faux concrete cement planters perliteIn order to achieve a more coarse finish (I didn’t have any texture paint), I added … perlite! It is lightweight, looks and feels like tiny bits of pumice – you’ll find it in the gardening section of a hardware store or at your local plant nursery. An extra coat of paint ensured it ‘stuck’.faux concrete cement planters adorablestLarge (real) concrete planters retail for $100 plus and I’m happy that these ‘concrete painted’ pots look close enough to the real thing, so this project was worth it. A bonus – less weight to move!

UPDATE 24th February 2017 – In case you missed it, I’ve posted a complete …

How to Paint Pots to Look like Cement – FULL TUTORIAL – Check it out HERE!

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